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How much does Adsense pay per click. Google highest payment for ads - Adsense Tips
Most people have a question about How much does Adsense pay per click? I also had this problen earlier and now I know it. How much Adsense pay per click depnd on several reasons. According to those criteria Google Adsense payment per click depend.

How much does Google Adsense Pay per click depend on below criteria

1. Keywords of your website - Advertisers are adverise most of the time according to keywords. So according to your site keywords relevent ads will appear. As example If your website is Job related webstie most of the time Job related advertisements will appear.

2. Advertisers budget -You payment from Adsense per click also depend on advertisers budget.

3. Geographical Location - This also very improtant. If your website Visitors comming for Europe country you can earn more money for click from Adsense. But for you website visitors comming from like southe asia (exmple Sri Lanka) your Adsense pay per click may low.

4. Bidding rates - All ads compete in an ad auction, and Google Adsense system automatically picks the advertisers who are willing to pay the most while ensuring a good user experience.

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