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Poll: marrage using a maragge proposal is good or bad?
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Marrage through marrage proposal is good or bad?
There are many thoughts about marrage through a marrage proposal. Some people said that marrage thorough marrage proposal is not so successful. What you think about the marrage vote here.

No arguments. Usually Maraage is through marage proposal not so sucess when compare with marage through love affair. But don't know how many affair have to do before a good marrage Tongue LOL

Marriage with love affair is better than the marriage with proposal. But marriage proposal marriage also success same as love affair marriage. Mostly it depend on the people who marry.

tooooo baaad

lot of people say love affairs are successful than marriage proposal.But according to research proposal is the best way to marry than affairs.

yes.I agreed with u.normally we think love affairs are better than marriage proposals.But proposals are successful than love affairs according to research.

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