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Advantageous and Disadvantageous of Internet use. Good and Bad effects of Internet
We are going to discuss main advantageous and disadvantageous of Internet use. Today we cannot do our day to day work without Internet easily. Today Internet is such a powerful media in the world. We will see what are the advantageous and disadvantageous of Internet Use

  • Internet will help us to communicate quickly and effectively. (EMail, Messages, Chat, Audio)
  • Internet communication are very cheap compare with other media (Telephone calls etc)
  • We can find whatever information we need from our home or office or school without going here and there.
  • We can share our information very easily with the world.
  • We can find news and any other updated information through internet.
  • We can watch almost all important incident videos later on when we need
  • We can Learn anything we need and interest free of charge from the Internet
  • Internet is very good advertising media to promote business and service to people in the world.
  • We can do our transactions, payment, shopping through Internet without going anywhere while we are in Office, Home or School
  • We can easily share our knowledge with other using website and discussion forums.

  • People can spread lot of harmful information though the Internet
  • People can steal important and secret information though Internet by hacking and Cracking
  • There is not control and guaranteed about the information in the Internet 
  • If you are Internet user no one can guaranteed you are safe from Hackers, Malware and other security threads
  • Specially children can find any unwanted information like sexual and drugs
  • Some people may addicted to Internet and it will disturb to their day to day life
  • People can pretended as another person while providing false information and identity.
  • If a power failure of Internet failure all information go off until they come online.
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