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advantages and disadvantages of email marketing system
With the highly developing technology and other aspects of the world, Email marketing too has becoming one of the most popular mode of Internet advertising. It is mainly due to the number of large number of internet an and email users in the world the one who use email marketing can get distinct.

Whatever said and done email marketing does have some disadvantages as well. In the bottom of this article it will show you the advantages and disadvantages of email marking and some tips for how to overcome that issues.

When it comes to advantages of Email marketing we can consider its ability to reach worldwide within a very short period or instantly. Also when compared to other marketing tools, email marketing can be done at a very low cost/ affordable with a higher receiver base.

Though we have lot of advantages of email marking it has some disadvantages as well. Those are namely initial cost is high to draft an add and finding a good service provider etc, because if you could not get the customer attraction through your advertisement then whole purpose is loss.

The other disadvantage is even though you have good client base/ lot of customer list, all of them are not your potential clients/target market. So when it goes to more irrelevant people the response you get also very less.

Other disadvantage is most of the business do not target worldwide, they target their country or some cities of the country as their target market, in that case if it goes worldwide we can address only few as our potential customers.

As now you understand the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing, to maximize the advantages consider is your email distribution list. This can consist of former customers of yours as well as potential customers who have also expressed interest in more information. Also with that and with an attractive advertisement you can win customers using email marketing for sure.

There is another disadvantage of this,though we send the email promotion to the customer,we are not sure whether he opens and reads it..there are many people who just delete the advertising mails. In certain places when the promotional mail contains graphics, it has a tendency of directed in to the spam,because its size. Though with all these troubles,Email marketing has a significant potential as you say.

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