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Advantages and Disadvantages of living in a great/big city
There are advantages and disadvantages when you live in a big or main city in a country. Following will give you with more details for why it is good and bad.


- You can easily travel to places from that city as you will find lot of mode of transportation rather than in an average city.

- Sending your children to great schools with all the facilities are available in great cities and in the long run you can produce a well educated child if you stay in a great city.

- you will be able to find highly paid and well recognized jobs in great cities than other cities, so it will help you to uplift your life standard.

- Not like other cities and villages if we live in a great city then we can get all the facilities what we name, we can have them. For instant we can eat from great restaurants, can go to the best hospitals, to buy things we have lot of supermarkets, shopping malls etc. not only that for recreation purposes also we have cinemas, play grounds, parks etc.


- Not like village and small cities the environment of the great cities are polluted in very bad way great cities so it may cause you to have regular sicknesses and spend more money on your medicine.

- In villages normally they have enough space in the house and land as well, but due to the high value of the lands in great cities you have to acquire very small space or buy a small land and stay in that, which is very uncomfortable and some time you may have to build the house in stories due to the space problem, and to climb and come down of stairs may make you strenuous.

- The most disadvantage you get in living in a great city is cost of living, which is very high than the other cities and you will have to struggle a lot to save money for your future .

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