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Advantages and disadvantages of Printer Cartridge Refilling
Almost all people now a day get refill their laser toners and ink cartridges because of high cost they have to pay when they need to replace them. So here I am going to tell you what are the Advantages and disadvantages of Printer Cartridge & toner Refilling.

Advantages of refilling.

1. The Main advantage is this is very cheap than buying new cartridge or toner.
2. Recycling cartridge is very good when we think about environment. Because of these empty cartridge a huge environmental issue has been created.

Disadvantages of refilling toner cartridges

1. Some time printer warranty may cancel due to use of refill cartridges.
2. Printing quality may have reduce sometime because of various reasons like quality of refill ink, skills of refilled person.
3. Printer head may damage sometime because of poor ink or mistake people done when refill.
4. Printer need to service time to time because of reuse cartridges.
5. Bulk Print ink may harmful to your skin

There are some other minor advantages and disadvantages when we use refill cartridges. So you can add them here for others reference.


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