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Advantages of use of LInux Operating Systems. Why use Linux OS

Advantages of Linux Operating Systems for Computers

Linux also a operating system like windows. Some year ago people use Linux for files servers only. But now Linux OS are very popular for Desktop PC, Laptops. Linux OS also very user friendly OS like windows. Linux OS come with lot of benefits for users when compare with other operating systems.

Benefits of use  Linux Operating Systems (Linux OS)
  • Linux is a free Operating Systems. You can use Linux OS without spend any payment. 
  • Linux Operating systems are very secure OS when compare with Windows OS.
  • Almost all virus attack to Windows cannot attack for Linux OS.
  • Linux OS is very stable.
  • Linux operating systems support almost all required software like office, graphic designing, video editing, network software etc.
  • Linux OS also has very good online support.
  • Now Windows base software also can install on Linux OS like Photoshop, Microsoft Office etc.

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