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Dry Skin

My skin is very dry,please give me a solution.

dear Monara,

Dry skin is not a big matter,don't worry.

1 drink water 2-2.5L daily.
2 use a dry skin lotion/moisturising cream.
3 And also I recommended Vitamin E cream
4 Add fruits and vegitables for yor diet.

You can use coffee grounds as an layer. Have some coffee grounds with you during shower and rub the effected areas. A best advice was to pack the coffee grounds in a muslin bag for simple use.

If your skin will be dry than you use best branded cream and lotion for your skin.After bath you can use this good cream.Drink more water in the day.Protect your skin in sun energy.

The main reason for dry skin is people are not drinking enough water..... Drinking enough water is the best solution for dry skin. If your pronlem not solved you have to meed a qualified doctor about skin.

Dry skin is the low level of serum and prone to sensitivity.When you cleaning dry skin that time you must avoid tap water.Never use hot water to wash your face.Dry skin need plenty water and daily massage with branded cream,lotion.


Thanks Nalani...

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