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Help for an unseen – True story?
I was working in a prestigious bank abroad. One morning I called up a customer, Mr. Nikhil, an Indian, regarding a banking matter.
Before ending the conversation, I asked him, “is there anything else I can help you with?” as a normal ethic. He paused and said, “Yes, ma’am I just want to inquire one thing , but I am not sure if its relevant to you’ , I asked ‘ Yes, Mr. Nikhil?’

He continued, “my cousin died of an accident two weeks back, I know he had a life insurance with a bank, but his family didn’t receive any thing after his death, Will they be paid the insurance amount?”

Me -“Did you or any family member inform the bank Mr. Nikhil?”

Him - ‘’ No”

Me - “Which Bank was it?”

Him – “I don’t know”

Me- (Explaining) When its regarding a life Insurance , the bank or the Insurance Company should be informed within 7 days within the death to obtain a claim as a normal rule , you mean this has happened two weeks back?”

Him – yes

Me – Can I have his name and mobile number? l’ll check in our systems if he had a life cover with us..

Him – His name was Siddharth Singh (and he repeated the mobile number )
I checked in the system, here his name comes..all details of the expired customer, his account details, credit cards, loans ,etc ,I checked more deep, on his credit card statement I found a premium paid for an Insurance company, I informed it to the customer, promised him I’ll get to him back after informing the relevant department.

As per the premium paid, I knew this customer had a USD 100,000 life cover . Only problem was his claiming time has been expired due to lack of knowledge of the family members.

On the same minute I emailed the senior sales manger regarding the matter, he replied back after few minutes telling he informed the Insurance Company and was working on it, I knew who he was, he’ll surely fight to get it done.

After a week I got the confirmation that, Insurance company has paid the Claim amount to Mr. Siddharth’s family who lived in India.

If I didn’t check the details of the customer going out of my duty that day, his family will never know that he had Insurance through our bank, It was a great feeling helping them.

Good job ,
God always help those who help other.
God bless

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