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hermes bags
The home circle is a perpetual school. Have you not marked in children of older growth, the similarity between parent and child how the ideas, affections, tastes, desires, of both seem to run in the same channel? We say it is natural, and that these characteristics are transmitted from father to son but we forget that they are the formation of years of association, and that they are ground into our very nature by constant attrition. Whose example does the child follow hermes kelly but the father's? In whom else does he place his highest confidence?
Is the father profane, intemperate, a drone Hermes Bags and a pest to society, why should Hermes Outlet not the child be likewise? If he, from whom the child derived his existence, may indulge in hahits that degrade and sink the man, can he hope that his offspring will rise from such teachings to a position of virtue hermes birkin and honor? On the other hand, if the father be one whose character and morals are worthy of imitation, whose pursuits are ennobing, whose aim is for the good and the true, though such an example is sometimes lost Hermes Handbags upon the child, yet the general rule is that he may one day hope to 6ee him following worthily in his footseps.
Could we be admitted within the veil, and trace the secret history, the home history, of the men who have constituted the world's great lights, its hermes sale proudest pillars and its noblest benefactors, its lawgivers, its generals and statesmen, our eyes would indeed be opened to the importance of this Home Education. We should find that the first impulses to greatness were given by the hand of the father, that the great and ennobling heart of benevolence which has actuated him through life, and dispensed its bounties like the dews.

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