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How to protect your skin from the sun (beauty Culture Article) - Part 02
You can read first part of my this article from below link.


When you choosing clothes to wear during daytime loose fitting and tightly woven clothing is ideal. Buy clothes which can totally cover your arms and legs properly. It’s very important that when you are buying clothes to protect your skin from sun you may seek for the clothing made with sun protective fabric. Those particular clothes have a special label that tells you how effective these clothing materials are in protecting your skin from UV rays. Because it’s good to know that UV rays can pass through right your clothes. Damaging rays can pass directly through the fabric fibers as well as between them. Well having a good understand how to use clothes for sun protection will save your life for longer. Other thing is what kind of clothing materials are good for sun protection? What colors make you too hot specially whilst you covering whole body. Cotton linen and rayon must be the ideal materials for sun protection. The best sun protected fabric is thick and tightly woven fabric, dark colors, polyester, nylon and wool. Wet stretched fabric provides poor sun protection. A dark Tee shirt more likely to provide better protection than a light colored Tee Shirt. Colors also help to absorb UV rays in a manner.

Find shade if you are in the road or outside. Especially it’ll help you to protect your eyes. Wear sunglasses with UV ray protection. When you are buying just go for branded and better products as well. Use a big umbrella as much as you can whilst you are walking and staying in outdoors.

If you are really can’t avoid being in the sun, using sunscreen protection is the very next available solution. Sunscreens are products combining several ingredients that help prevent the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation from reaching the skin. When you are going to use a sunscreen it’s very important to see that how to choose a good sunscreen and how to apply it on the body using proper directions. What you look basically in a sunscreen. The SPF value, whether it’s water proof or sweat proof and whether it’s broad – spectrum. Read the information in the label and look for the suitable sunscreen for your skin. Regarding SPF, means Sun protection factor should 15 or higher than that. Depending on your skin type and where you live you should choose a sunscreen that corresponds with the same SPF.A higher SPF can protect your skin from sun burns. Use a higher SPF at when you are near to the water; you have to think about SPF when it is higher elevations in tropical climates. Also sunscreen effectiveness is affected by the wind humidity and altitude. But the protection of a sunscreen depends on these factors besides SPF, the skin type of the user, the amount applied and the frequency of re-application, activities which engage, for an example swimming leads to a loss of sunscreen from the body, amount of the sunscreen that the skin has absorbed. Sunscreen comes in lotions, gel, creams, ointments and spray. The other thing which we look for in sunscreen is broad-spectrum. This will again help you to protect the skin from ultraviolet A & B rays. Apply rapidly when it needed. And use sufficient amount all over your body. Before you apply it’s important that your body is cleaned and you have to apply it thirty minutes before you go outside.

Finally use a lip balm and apply petroleum gel when your skin gets dried or crackers due to the sun. Apply a moisturizing cream with sun protection over your face and neck. Use some body lotions over your body part which is uncovered for sun exposure.

Drink lot of water when you can. It’ll decrease your body heat and develop the skin glowing .Eat fresh fruits fresh vegetables. It may add some additional protection for your skin though you are under high sun exposure. Have maximum hours for sleep. Clean yourself and try to have a bath at least twice a day.

For a better protection and ever glowing skin you really have to concern regarding above facts truly. Otherwise you cannot help for the sunburns, wrinkles and freckles .If you want to say good bye for them permanently you have to give an extra attention regarding these factors. Enjoy your healthy skin!

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