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Freeeducation365 website
Freeeducation365 website,
Sri Lanka.
Phone : 0711947000

How to track your Staff Members, Vehicle from your phone Sri Lanka
Now you can track mobile phones, Your staff members, your vehicles route very easily from your phone in anywhere in Sri Lanka. This is a best way to find where your relatives, Friends, Staff members and your vehicles easily from your mobile phone.

Imagine you have one of the following requirements:

• I have a fleet of vehicles and need to check the position and routes

• I want to see the locations of my field sales staff OR

• On personal reasons - I want to see my kids are safe and check their whereabouts

Then, Route Radar is the ideal solution. You just need to register the phone that needs to be tracked

using a simple SMS message. i.e. Type Reg RR and send to 77102 from the device that need to be tracked.

Then you can login to our website - and view the locations of the device by using the

username and password pushed via SMS just after your registration.

Some of the features of the product are listed below:

• You can register any type of phones to our system and it does not have to be a smart phone.

• Location is shown to the closest mobile network tower

• Tracking phone need to be registered. Hence, un-authorized tracking is not possible. No privacy concerns

• You can view any number of devices through RR solution via website

• You can view locations of the same device any number of times for the same charge

• Specialized features can be added based on customer requirement

Our introductory price is only Rs. 3.50 per day per mobile device. More information is available in the

handout enclosed in the envelope. Please contact me, Seeking an appointment for a meeting. Please call if you need any clarification.

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