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I want to know more details about Chithika Advertising Programme
I heard that there is a advertising programme called chitika Advertising programme. I visit their site and their saying lot of things about them. But I want to know actual situation of this advertising programme? Is it like Google Adsense and Adbrite? Does anyone earning money from Chitika Advertising? How much Can earn money from Chitika? Tongue

Chithika is a one of poor advertising method in the world. When we compare with Adsense Chithika Advertising is a Shit. Chithika ads will display only search visits and ads display in some certain countries (Such as USA, Canada) only. They will not display ads in other countries so publisher earning is very low. Don't wast your time and money by join with chithika advertising programme. Use Google Adsense every time. Google Adsense is the most reliable, successful and trustworthy online advertising programme which publisher can earn lot of money. Use Google adsense every time to be success.

Yes chitika advertising programme also look like Google Adsense. But not so good when compare with Google Adsense. I have heard that chitika display their ads only for certain countries. I have no experience about this.

I also interest to know about online advertising programme. I have heard that chitika is providing only to European and USA. Don' know whether this is correct.

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