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links of london
it is one of amazing power. The abuse of a good thing is no argument against its proper use. And as used by the Presbyterian family of churches— diligently instructing children, and only admitting them to the Lord's Supp links of london er when they give credible evidence of lo links of london jewelry ve to God—it has given those churches a solidity, and power, and an evangelical character known, acknow links of london sale ledged, When the soil of the mind is well prepared, and the seed is sown in its proper season, it takes root—deep root; and to eradicate these deep roots is very much like tearing out the mind This none understand save those who been compelled to abandon, in mature years, a false religious system taught them in youth for the sim links of london bracelet ple Gospel of Christ. And the more sensual a system, the deeper it impresses, and the more difficult to surrender it. How beautiful the sight to see the Jews, in families, on the approach of the Passover, winding their way over hills and vales, and from every part of the land, to Jerusalem! How impressive their preparations for the keeping of the feast, and the solemnities of the great day o links of london charms f Atonement! And if there is a sight beautiful on earth, and upon which heaven approvingly smiles, it is to see the family group, morning and evening, at the family altar; entering the house of God together; on the sacramental Sabbath together commemorating the death of their Lord in the breaking of the bread and in the drinking of the wine; daily the helpers of each other's faith, and hope, and love ; and as they pass, one after the other, into the eternal state, Now it is very obvious that there is a relaxation of this system of religious instruction in our day, and in a variety of ways. As in Germany and England, children are dedicated to God in their infancy, but the subsequent training is neglected; and the necessity of regeneration by the Holy Spirit, if not denied, is not t aught as a vital truth laying hold of eternal life. And, in many churches, baptism is again converted into a charm, by the preaching of the unscriptural and absurd doctrine of baptismal regeneration. The fruits of all this are apparent in a formal religion, an unconverted people, and a wor

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