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links of london bracelet

to call such a brute " father," and who blush when they do it. And even where theParents should remember that, while their children possess an animal nature, wMch needs food and raiment, and a social nature, wh links of london ich needs to be trained and educated, they also p links of london jewelry ssess a religious nature, to whose right culture all their powers and affections should be especially and ardently directed. Our children are born to die, and yet never to die. The stamp of eternity is links of london sale upon them, and while their life had a beginning, it will never have an end. They are depraved, and sinful, and averse to holiness. They are candidates for an endless heaven or hell; and unless renewed in the spirit of their minds, and by the power of the Holy Ghost, they will be homeless wanderers from the light of the universe forever. And can a parent, worthy the revered and honored name, be unmindful of th links of london bracelet e religious training of his children, when that training has reference to the higher and more enduring principles of their nature, and to their eternal well-being? Does the eagle teach her young to fly toward the Bun ? Does the nightingale teach her young to sing? Does the ant teach its young to fill their storehouse in summer with provisions for the coming winter? Does the beaver teach its young to build its dam so as to secure a depth of water which will not freeze in the coldest winter? And shall those of the race of man, made but a little lower than the angels, occupying the position of parents, neglec links of london charms the training of their children for God and for eternity ? Surely to state the question should be to answer it. Behold that venerable Jewish father devoting his son, in the rite of circumcision, on the eighth day from its birth, to God. Behold that pious mother and grandmother teaching young Timothy the Scriptures from his youth. Behold Joseph and Mary leading their young son up to Jerusalem, at the age of twelve years, to keep the Passover. Look at Philip Henry teaching all his children solemnly to repeat this form of dedication on each Sabbath evening: "I take God to be my chiefest good and highest end. I take Christ to be my Prince and my Savior. I take the Holy Ghost to be my sanctifier, teacher, guide, and comforter. I ta

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