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My computer Restarting Automatically. Windows not loading. how to fix this?
I am another PIV computer with 3ghz. This wormputer worked fine before. But when i try to use it after my Modern computer out of work. It is restarting automatically. it shows that going to load windows but it is restarting again and again. I try to boot in safe mode but that time also happening same thing. Can someone help me to get fix this PC. Thanks.

Is there any blue screen appear before restsrt? There can be two reason for this.

1. Error on RAM card. (Check you RAM card with another PC or replace RAM & Check.
2. Windows file damage (Try to Repair windows or Reinstall)

This could be because of overheat the processor. Check the cooling fan too. If you can check the CPU temperature through BIOS you can ensure about CPU temperature.

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