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My New Laptop connect to wifi but cannot browse website. How to solve
My new hp laptop can connect to website but cannot see any webpage. Laptop work fine earlier. I search a solution using Google search there are many solution found but non of them work. Please help me to correct this. My Wifi connection working fine when I connect using my Desktop computer and Iphone. There is no any error on wifi connection. Please help me to correct this error. Thanks.

This is a common problem occure due to Virus guard Problem. Most of the time this happen with Norton Internet Security software. Try to uninstall virus guard and reinstall a virus guard properly again. Hope This is working. I have lot of experience with this error with my life and 100% of this problem comming due to error on Virus guard specially Norton Internet security.

Use Linux. No Virus attacked. No Virus Guard need. No Virus Guard classes.

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