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The world’s most flexible and powerful School Reports software / School Management
All schools, no matter where in the world they are, share the same ambition: to provide parents with school reports in a format they wish to see, that also combine the best possible quality with the least possible effort to produce.

The good news is that the powerful and flexible 3Sys Academic’s School Reports facility from WCBS International now gives schools a foolproof means of achieving this goal.

Even better, it is now available to schools right across the world as WCBS extends its international reach into five continents

Simplifying every stage of production
3Sys Academic’s School Reports function is a web-based end-to-end solution that makes all the key steps in report production simplicity itself, from entering report comments – remotely or at a workstation – through collation and review to storage, design and finally distribution via post or email.

But these are far from the only advantages 3Sys Academic School Reports delivers. It also provides the flexibility to:

• use different formats for different pupil groups (including by year, by boarding house or by senior or junior schools)
• link with Assessments to easily import grades or markbook results
• use standard text entries by group to describe the term’s activities
• flexible text formatting - control and standardise centrally, paste from Microsoft Word or use in-built formatting controls
• allow and control review and additional comments by other staff members
• design the final document using a powerful in-built report-builder
• highlight any special educational needs information.

The School Reports function of 3Sys Academic is already helping schools across the world build better relationships with parents while streamlining every aspect of their report-production processes.

So if you would like to find out more about how we can help your school achieve the same, email us at And find out how you can boost report quality while slashing production time.

Yours sincerely

Tony Child, MD WCBS International

James Whale, Regional Director Asia

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