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Tourist Industry. Advantages and disadvantages of Tourist Industry
When we talk about the tourist industry it is very important to have a beautiful country. In that way we are lucky enough to have a very beautiful country called Sri Lanka. Being the pearl of the Indian Ocean more tourists are paying attention towards this island. As a result of their attraction the tourist industry is more beneficial in this country.

In this concept, the tourist is very important and he plays a very important role in this industry. A tourist is a person who visits places away from home to get pleasure. Scenic beauty of the places he visits persuades him to be there again and again. Further he recommends others to travel the same place as a result of enjoying his full pleasure by spending his valuable time and money. For this purpose Sri Lanka is unique and spectacular.

Any country which is attracted by the tourists may contribute a good deal to the country’s economy. That is the one of the major advantage of it. It also increases the jobs to the people who are interested in working in this field as well as in the hotel industry. Then the government as well as the public will also benefit as a result of this.

The younger generation is try to imitate the foreigners and tries to change their life styles accordingly. Then it will damage the culture of the people who live in this country. Further more people are try to addict to the alcohol and try to waste their money for unnecessary things. This will create more problems to their family. People should try to get only the advantages but not the disadvantages.

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