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What is best CISS ink tank Printer | Epson L130 or Canon G1000 Printer
Now in CISS Ink tank market has a competition with Epson L130 Printer and Canon PIXMA G1000 Printer. If someone need to buy basic CISS Printer now they hafe two option one is Epson L130 and other option is Canon PIXMA G1000. So how they can select the best Printers. That will be the question.

So according to my knowledge Epson L130 would be the best CISS Printer at the moment. The reason is Epson L130 is the 3rd improved model of the L series CISS Printer. But Canon G1000 is the first product of CISS Printer in Canon brand and so may be some thing need to improve in that machine. Most people have no experience with Canon G1000 machines so far. So accoding to my idea is Epson L130 will be the best CISS Printer.

The one advantage of Canon PIXMA G1000 is that it can print boarderless printing on A4 and Legal size. But using Epson L130 printer you cannot print boarderless.

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