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What is best Sri Lankan Bank to take Credit Card.
There are many Sri Lankan Banks available in Sri Lanka to obtain credit card. Different bank supply different facilities to customers. I have experience with three bank credit card and I this Sampath Bank Credit Card is the best.

Why I feel Sampath Credit card is best.

1. Once I was delay to pay my credit card ontime and my bill was Rs.9369 and They charge as interest only Rs.264.94 for one day delay. But another international bank charge Rs. 900.00 as interest charges when I have to pay only Rs.3911.49 for 5days.

2. Another thing is sampath bank provide SMS alert for all credit card transaction. (But some international bank also not provide this facility so far)

What is you experience about best Bank to take credit card.

Yest Sampath Bank is the Best bank to take credit card. Sampath Credit Card tis the best. Why Sampath Credit card is best.

Most places accept sampath credit card.
Like Abans, SInger and Damro etc allow customer to buy products without installment more time period.
Less amount of interest when buy goods from other places.
Only Rs.250.00 will charge as Late fee.
SMS alerts for every transaction any many more advantages to customers.

Sampath credit card is the best Credit card in Sri Lanka. Low interest, low late fee, Can repay anywhere in the country sampath bank. Good recognition. SMS alert service. Low annual fee. etc

I had HSBC card and I have to go to Super Market to pay money to card. Every time when I repay to HSBC credit card using super market I have to pay additional payment for that service. That is very unfair.

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