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What is Goal Setting? Different type of Goal setting and advantages of Goal Setting
Goal means something that which we are planning to achieve in future. These goals can by short term, medium term and long term. If you just live your life the it way it is come to then goal setting is not important to you and you may be not even interest to read this article.

But if you are always thinking how you can step forward in you life, and how you could do better in your life then goal setting is vital for your progress.

Not only individuals almost all the organization do well and that company has set of goals that they want to achieve in future.

As an individual you can set goals for several categories like, money, career, mental health, physical health, Social relation, love relationship etc. There are lots of benefits you will get by goal setting.

Basically if you set goals then definitely you will put a time frame that by some date you will achieve this/the goal you set. In that way you will use your time to achieve this as much as possible, by doing so you will use the maximum use of your time.

Also when you set some goals for you, they you know what you will achieve in future and how you will achieve them. By doing so you give a direction to your life. It is very important thing because today lot of people just lives the day it comes and they do not know what will happen or where whey will be in future.

Finally I want to tell you is if you have not yet start setting goals for you please, start it today itself, there is no harm if you set goals and you can not achieve as you planned. But the most important thing is if you set goals and try to achieve them then you will at least will get closer to them. Also you can adjust your goals if you feel those are not realistic. Nothing wrong with changing goals from time to time.

There is a saying “ Try to catch the moon they you will at least will among stars”.

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