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What is Music?
Music has a way of getting into our heads and triggering emotions on a sub-conscious level. The concept of a “jingle,” a short message in the form of a tune backed by music, was developed in the 1920’s and today continues to be one of the preferred methods for advertisers around the globe. Not only are they great for instant recognition, but they have a long shelf life.

In medical terms music is the best therapy to reduce stress and tension. Some doctors are believe that music is a great treatment for whom are very depressed in their lives from many types of serious problems. To listen light music, provide a good relaxation to your mentally and physically health.

Music and theater scholars of history and anthropology of the Jews and the early Jewish - Christian culture, also found a common link between the theater and classical music events in the Hebrew culture, and those who later Greeks and Roman culture people.

Music is kind of waves ray which are directly attached with our brain and heart. This kind of wave is combination of many musical instruments.

Music is way through which we get freshness when we tired. It is one of my hobbies. Music can relax our mind and remove all stress for some time when we listen.

Music is a language of soul.Its a part of our life.Every people has their own choice of music.Music always keeps your mind and body fresh and stress less.I always prefer soft and instrumental kind of the musics the most.

Music is all about feelings, i just love hearing music when i am sad,happy..etc.
All things near you give particular noise is call music.

hik....hik....ayyo music kiyanne mokakda kiyala dannadda,eka hada patulatama dannena oni hariyata jothige sinduwage....Tongue

Its a art by artist in which now days co-operation of many people needed to make a good song and this is something god gifted also as its an art so its come from heart not mind.

The main idea of the theory is that music is a great stimulus for the perception of musicality, where the musical is actually a perceived property of speech. Musicality refers to ownership of the music that determines how good it is, how strong an emotional effect it has, and how much we enjoy listening to it.

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