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What is the best place to live? Advantages and disadvantages of living in a city.
Now most people have a trend to move to a city because of the advantages they get as a result of living in a city.

 People like to send their children to schools which are having more facilities in a town than a village. Now it is a competition to get a school in a town to their children. Further there are lot of educational opportunities are available.

 Health facilities are widely spread in town, since people like to get those facilities quickly and easily by living in a town.

 More business opportunities are available and people can have a chance of doing what ever the job they like.

 As a result of convenience of getting goods, cloths, and other necessary items and the services can be obtained easily those who live in a city.

 Entertainment opportunities can also find in a city. Cinemas, theatres, concert halls are the some places which are providing entertainment to a city dweller.

Other than the advantages, some disadvantages which are discussed at the latter part of this article.

 Environment pollution can be seen widely as a result of more traffic and the population. Further more trees are cut town to build sky rise buildings. For these reasons, many deceases increase and many people have to face health problems.

 More expensive life styles can be seen and the city dwellers have to pay money for each and every thing which can be got freely by a villager. So more earnings should be done.

But most people like to live in a city by disregarding the disadvantages they have to face.

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