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Who is the best film director in Sri Lanka
Who is the best film director in Sri Lanka ?

I think Lester James Peries. He is the best Director in Srilanka. Mr peries born April 5,1919 is an internationally acclaimed Srilankan film director,screenwriter, and film producer. He has received critical acclaim for directing Rekava,Gamperaliya,Nidhanaya,Golu Hadawatha,Kaliyugaya,Awaragira and Yuganthaya.

mama hitanne benat rathnayake kiyala,,,
tawa nama giya un nam ethi tharam innawa,,,eth realy senstiv widiyatacreatins karaka thiyenne meya kiyaali mama kiyanne,,,,
anith kattiya mokada kuiyannen ekiyannakoooo

I don't knoew much abour Sri Lankan film directors. But I have heard about benet rathnayake and lester james peries as good film director in Sri Lanka.

According to me Sudath Mahadivulwewa is one of the best Sri Lankan director. He has many of awards behalf on his name regarding his direction career. He is capable to take out the original act.

The best film director of the Srilanka is Sudath. I have really heard about him. And this one has really great work of direction. According to me he is just best.

According to me the Dilon de Silva is the best director in Sri Lanka. He has been directing commercials films from the past 7 years. He get many awards from film industries. Revolving Door is the best movie by him which get the ward for Best Director, Best Film, Best Editor and Best Screen play in the Sri Lankan National Film Festival 2009.

Sudath Mahadivulwewa & Lester James Peries both r best director ..

Dilon de Silva is the best director in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan cinema encompasses the films made in Sri Lanka. It is a fledgling industry that has struggled to find a footing since its inauguration in 1947 with Kadawunu Poronduwa produced by S.M.Nayagam of Chitra Kala Movietone.. Sri Lankan films are usually made in the Sinhalese language, the language of the majority Sinhala people..

In the first nine years most films were made in South India and followed the conventions of Indian cinema. Studio shooting was the norm, with Indian style sets erected in film studios. Even though it is popularly held that Rekava, made in 1956 by pioneer director Lester James Peries, was the first Sinhala film to be shot completely out of studio, it was really the film "Gambada Sundari", made in 1950 which was the first film shot outside studios.

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