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Poll: Who is the best Singer in the World? Vote Now.
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Michel Jackson
12 60.00%
Latha Mangleshkar
8 40.00%
Rickey Martine
0 0%
Bob Marli
0 0%
Total 20 vote(s) 100%
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Who is the best Singer in the World? Vote Now.
(01-09-2011, 02:43 AM)whoisdomainnet Wrote:
Aiyoo,,,mama hithanne meeka hari singrs la ekkenek wath nehe,,,mee minissunta wada eththatama music walata wedak akrapu minisssu anantawath mee loke innawa,ehema isddi salli walata sangeetha kana unge names dala y me????

Yes may be you are right. We also know your best singer name list other than this. Actually I also know these people very well. They are so popular. May be there are lot of Singer has done good job. But we don't know. If you like please share their details with us.

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Michael jackson,I like him.
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Michael Jackson Hands-downs
Best singer of all times

I think that the Lata Mangeshkar is the best singer in the world. She sing the heart touching songs. She is still active after her 90 years. Some other best singers of the world are Freddie Mercury and Josh Groban.

Latha thmai,man kiyanne me ape gedara inna latha.?Hoo.........Tongue

According to me the best singer of the World is Michael Jackson. He was really the cool singer and dancer. And after that Lata Mangeshkar is obviously the great.

Michael Jackson is the best singer in the world. He give the many song which are very popular all over the world. He also called the god of dancing. I most like the 'Man in the Mirror' song of Michael Jackson.

As my opinion, The Michael Jackson was the best singer of the world. He was also best dancer. I like all the songs of him. My favourite songs of Michael Jackson are In the Closet, Never Can Say Goodbye, I Wanna Be Where You Are and Remember the Time.

All singers are good but my best singer is Michel Jackson.
His eighth album of Dangerous i like most.Now in world nobody would be like Michel Jackson.

Lata Mangeshkar is the best singer.

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