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Why we not recommend Etoro as a good Forex Trading Flatform.
Etoro is one of the poorest Forex Broker on Internet. It seems that their Forex Guru programme also fake. They nominate some traders as GURU when they perform well in Forex Trading. But most people start to follow them they lost 100%. This is very Interesting. I have notice this from so many months. The Latest Guru who 100% lost is "thesizzle". His profile shows that he trade well from the beginning but when most people copy him He lost with all copiers money. He had more than 1200 copier when he lost 100%.

The other thing is Etoro platform has many errors. Most of the time their platform got struck. So such a situation people cannot log into system and they cannot close their trade & open new trades etc.

The other thing is when they keep the order during week end they charge money from traders. This is very unfair. Also they charge money when traders are withdraw their own money from Etoro.

Another thing is Etoro spreads are very high.

So when compare with those details I can surely said that Etoro is not a good and trustworthy Forex broker to enter the Forex Market.

I saw many comments about Etoro broker saying that Etoro is very poor Forex Broker... I am searching good broker for forex trading. And it should be simple system.

Quote:Another thing is Etoro spreads are very high.

Hi. Can you elaborate on that please. I'm lost right there.

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