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Why you should not buy used photocopy machine in Sri Lanka

Why you should not buy used photocopy machine in Sri Lanka

All second hand photocopy machines come with faults into Sri Lanka and almost all photocopy second hand machines come to Sri Lanka has used to take more than 500,000 copies. Most of the time these machine come with damages so they exchange the parts in Sri Lanka and clean to get goo look for photocopy machines. Most of the used photocopy machine seller are fail to give good service and warranty to their customer and customer lost and waste their time and money and also their customer most of the time.

In previously only few people import used photocopy machine and they provide some good support also but now log of people are importing used photocopy machines and most of them have no good technical peoples to give a good service to customers. Because of this price competition faulty used photocopy machine and photocopy parts have come to the market. Specially lot of people are having trouble with these old used photocopy machines. 

So we recommend to buy Brand new photocopy machines to save you time, save you money and save your customers. If you buy brand new photocopy machine from correct place you will get free support for 01 year and you no need to worry about the output of the machines. Brand new photocopy machines are not so expensive. Now a days you can buy around Rs. 100,000.00 for brand new A3 size laser photocopy machine with print, scan, and photocopy function.

If you want more details about brand new photocopy machine please contact us on 0786198717

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