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you will be sorry for that if you miss it!
Desperate Housewives started with the committed suicide of a housewife because of despair in Wisteria lane. And later this seemingly quiet and peaceful alley was full of series of unthinkable things in their daily life...Bree is a woman who was always pursuing perfect. Born in a wealthy traditional middle-class family, she has a barrister father and a strict stepmother. Her husband is a doctor. With unchanged red hair, wearing an elegant clothes, she is very seriours in using terms! As a devout Catholic, Bree thoughtthe best quality of a man is honest. The most sensual and lovely, mindless Housewives: Susan Mayer. Susan is a children's illustrator (amateur),her ex-husband is a uninhabited lawyer. if you never watched this show,just buy the cheap dvd now at my site here you go Desperate Housewives season 7 dvd

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